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佛法双语工作坊 | 佛说四十二章经 第42章 達世如幻

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The Sutra of Forty-two Chapters - 42
佛說四十二章經 第42章
後漢 西域沙門迦葉摩騰 竺法蘭 同譯
Translated jointly by Indian Sramana Kasyapa Matanga and Dharmaraksa in the Later Han Dynasty

法师讲解 02:02开始   单词 05:11开始
第42章 達世如幻
Thoroughly Understand the world as if it was Illusory

The Buddha said: "I consider the dignities of kings and lords as a particle of dust that floats in the sunbeam.

I consider the treasure of precious metals and stones as bricks and pebbles.

I consider the gaudy dress of silks and brocades as a worn-out rag.

I consider this universe as small as the holila fruit.

I consider the lake of Anavatapta as a drop of oil with which one smears the feet.

I consider the various methods of salvation taught by the Buddhas as a treasure created by the imagination.

I consider the transcendental doctrine of Buddhism as precious metal or priceless fabric seen in a dream.

I consider the teaching of Buddhas as a flower before my eyes.

I consider the practice of Dhyana as a pillar supporting the Mount Sumeru.

I consider Nirvana as awakening from a day dream or nightmare.

I consider the struggle between heterodox and orthodox as the antics of the six [mythical] dragons.

I consider the doctrine of sameness as the absolute ground of reality.

I consider all the religious works done for universal salvation as like the plants in the four seasons."

英文版经文转载自 菩提字幕屋,英译者 D.T. Suzuki
English  version sourced from Bodhi Fansubs, translated by D.T. Suzuki

法师讲解:42 达世如幻
Commentary: Thoroughly understand the world as if it was illusory

As a summary of this chapter, the Buddha views everything with immense wisdom as illusory and unreal. He sees all dharmas as being equal, and all kinds of discrimination and attachment are therefore broken down. In the Buddha’s eyes, there is no distinction between beauty and ugliness, treasure and rubble, even cyclic rebirth and nirvana.


The Diamond Sutra mentioned that the Buddhas have five levels of vision, namely earthly vision, heavenly vision, wisdom-vision, dharma-vision, and Buddha- vision.

Earthly vision: it refers to ordinary people’s eye sight, which enables someone to see objects under the interaction with light.

Heavenly vision: it is a kind of mental phenomenon which enables someone to see things that earthly vision cannot see. Such vision is not bound by distance, object size, light intensity, or physical obstruction. Heavenly vision also includes the power of precognition. Higher level of heavenly vision will enable someone to see farther into the future more accurately. Heavenly vision is normally available to supernatural beings or can be acquired through cultivation.

Wisdom-vision: Those who possess wisdom-vision will see everything of the universe, including oneself, as being empty. They are no longer bound by the forces of karma to suffer in samsara like ordinary people. That means they have already quit the three realms. Therefore the attainment of wisdom-vision belongs to the class of Arhat or Pratyeka-Buddha.

Dharma-vision: such vision also includes the powers associated with heavenly vision and wisdom-vision. It can not only see the apparent facts, but also see through the karmic causes behind. To acquire dharma-vision, one has to reach the attainment beyond the Bodhisattva of the First Stage.

Buddha-vision: Buddha-vision is a manifestation of the Buddhas’ unsurpassed wisdom. It includes all the powers associated with the four levels of vision above. With Buddha-vision, one will have omniscient knowledge about everything of the universe, and profound insight into the ultimate truth of all dharmas. Buddha-vision, which can only be attained by Buddhas, is meant to view with compassion every sentient being as equal. That’s why the Buddhas see the world so differently.  

讲解 | 释宏添   北京天开寺
By Bhiksu Hong Tian,  Tiankai Temple


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